Basin Street Regulars History

Howdy folks,
The Basin Street Regulars, also called the Central Coast Hot Jazz Society by folks who like to use more words when they talk, was invented by Bob Connolly and K. O. Eckland back in 1976 when they got five other people to meet at K.O.'s place on the snow-infested slopes of Mount Pismo. Mort Berman came up with the Basin Street Regulars part, but nobody remembers why.

Later some more people joined up and they had their first Sunday Session at Trader Nick's, which is now something else. Our house band was the World Famous Desolation Jazz Ensemble & Mess Kit Repair Battalion, and our first guest band was the High Sierra bunch that came over from 3 Rivers to help fill in the parts our house band forgot.

Today the BSR, as it is sometimes called by folks who like to shorten things up, has several more members and holds Jazz Sessions every last Sunday of each month. Well, maybe not every month, but usually. Like October they don't. Or September, neither, come to think of it. Or when the last weekend of the month is a holiday. I hear it has something to do with the faces of the moon, or maybe the tide, which is quite active hereabouts, ebbing and neaping even as we sleep. Check the Event Calendar for the exact dates.

Oh, and we also generally have a Jubilee once in a while each year, and there's a very interesting story about how they came about.

Sessions, which are a lot like Concerts but spelled different, are held at the Vets Hall on Bello Street, locally known as the starting place for anywhere in the world. Besides swell jazz music being played you also get a neat view of part of Lake Pismo. There's a Kodak Moment sign out front but people keep hanging yard sale posters all over it.

Jazz bands really like the lively acoustics of the Vets Hall because it reminds them of days when they played inside Zeppelins and grain elevators and places like that. It is real easy to find, especially if you been here before. Just put 780 Bello Street into whatever navigation program you use.

Everybody is welcome to join in on the monthly fun when some terribly hot band comes in to play jazz all over us. We got food and a bar and dance floor and flush toilets and all sorts of nifty stuff inside. BSR members pay a small $5.00 entrance fee, and non-members pay only $10.00 to attend a Sunday Session It's a lot cheaper in the long run just to become a member.

There. I think that about covers the high points, except maybe for that riot a few years back. I need to go now because they said if I behaved I could eat with the others tonight.